Tom Sherman

Tom Sherman



Yet Another Javascript Minifier

There's a thousand of these available online but this one handles massive files without hanging the browser and supports ES6.


Written in Typescript, Orangutan is a lazy range and list library for JavaScript. It's heavily inspired by Haskell's lists and range syntax.


A DSL that compiles to RBLang.

RBLang is Rainbird's XML based language which is used to define concepts, relationships, and rules to solve complex decision making problems. CoffeeBird replicates all of the features of RBLang without the visual noise of XML.

Rainbird Engineer Tools

A Visual Studio Code extension that adds useful Rainbird knowledge authoring shortcuts.


Javascript promise-based wrapper around the Rainbird API.

I'm currently working on porting this to Typescript. (Check the "next" branch)


Performant Javascript set operations. Your Set's best friend.